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Institute for Infrastructure and Environment staff and students
Namesort ascending Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Yankai Li

Mr Yang Cui

Mr Xuan Li

Mr Xiaoyuan Ying

Mr Xiaobang Zhang

Mr Wen-der Yu

Mr Weizhu Wang

Mr Wei Lin

Mr Thomas Johnathan Nugent Aston

Mr Thomas Easton

Mr Thivageran Duraimany

Mr Stewart Downie

Mr Solomon Amadeus White

Mr Sithija Ashen Abeysinghe Abeysinghe Herath Mudiyanselag

Mr Simon Reinaldo Santamaria Garcia Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6507860

Mr Shu Li

Mr Sergio Vargas Córdoba

Mr Samuel Stevens Fire Safety Engineering

Mr Russell David Wallace

Mr Ross Michael Walker

Mr Robin Roland Arthur Delbart

Mr Rahul Sharma

Mr Pierre Esteve

Mr Oguzhan Erken

Mr Nikolaos Ringas Institute for Infrastructure and Environment Themes, Structural Engineering

Mr Nicholas Mark Wray

Mr Nguyen Chien

Mr Muhammad Hamza Hasnain

Mr Mohammad Imaran

Mr Max Winkelmann


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