IES Seminar: David Stewart and Robert Urie


Classroom 6, Hudson Beare Building, Kings Buildings


Friday, April 4, 2014 - 13:00 to 14:00

Join us for the last seminar before the Easter break.

Date and Time: Friday 4th April, 1pm in Classroom 6, Hudson Beare Building

Speaker: David Stewart

Title: What's IT all about - "The history of IT in the School and why we do things the way we do".

Bio: David was educated at Annan Academy, in the days of punch card computers. He went onto to get a BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh (1978 to 1981). He then went onto work for British Rail for 7 years and was one of the first people to use PCs in an office situation. After one of the inevitable BR reorganisations he got a job back with the University in 1988 in the then Department of Electrical Engineering and has been here ever since. When not fixing IT problems in the School and elsewhere, he helps people with travel planning and is involved with various organisations including Scripture Union in Scotland and the Isle of Man, enjoys travelling by train and ferry and has a wife, two daughters (all teachers) and a son-in-law (software writer)!!

Speaker: Robert Urie

Title: Consultants, Contractors, Cooperation and Constraints: Some interesting aspects of building the FloWave Tank.

Abstract: I will talk about the building of the FloWave tank. This is not about what it does or how it works but the process of getting it from general idea to reality.The design of FloWave progressed while construction was already under way. This produced some project management challenges. I will highlight a few of these which may be of interest to people who see the finished article, and to some who might find themselves managing projects in the future.

Bio: Since my Electrical Engineering degree at Strathclyde a long time ago, I have been involved in building things, from conventional and nuclear power stations to water treatment works and windfarms. I have held the roles of designer, planner, commissioning engineer, project manager and latterly technical manager for a large investment programme of projects. One thing I haven’t often done is to stand up in front of people and present a seminar …


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