IES Seminar Extra - Dr Ewen Ritchie


Bobby Hogg Room, Faraday Building, King's Buildings


Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 13:00 to 14:00


The DeepWind Concept

So far, offshore wind energy has been mainly based on onshore technology removed into shallow waters.In order to reduce the cost, offshore wind energy needs new concepts designed specifically for offshore conditions.

Key issues for a successful deep-sea offshore concept are:


Potential for up-scaling

Suitability for deep sites

The DeepWind project addresses a Darreius wind turbine mounted on a spar buoy, with a direct drive generator. Aalborg University, Dept. of Energy Technology is researching the generator, power converter and bearings. The other partners are researching all the other aspects of the system. This presentation will give a brief introduction to the entire DeepWind project.

The seminar team would like to thank the Engineering Graduate Society (EngGradSoc) for its funding and support of this seminar series.

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