IMNS and IBioE Seminar: Pulsed Electric & Magnetic fields in Microbiology


Conference Room 1:03/1:04, SMC, King's Building Campus (


Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 12:00 to 14:00

 The IMNS in partnership with IBioE are pleased to announce the following lunchtime seminar:

Title: Pulsed Electric & Magnetic fields in Microbiology: Effects and Technological Challenges

Speaker: Vitalij Novickij, High Magnetic Field Institute, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania

Pizza at 12:00 noon, Talk starts at 12:15 pm 

Abstract:  Pulsed electric and magnetic fields have a broad range of applications in biology. The parameters of the applied field strongly influence the efficacy and the type of the biological effect, ranging from the cell separation methods based on polarization to drug delivery, gene transfection and tumour ablation techniques. In all of the cases complex task-specific technological implementations of the experimental setups are required.  This lecture will review the biological effects of high power microsecond pulsed electric and magnetic fields and the challenges faced during the development of the pulsed power generators that are required for the execution of these treatment methods. An overview of the experimental data with pathogenic microorganisms in pulsed magnetic and electric field will be performed.

This talk will briefly describe this interesting field of research that utilizes the physics of silicon to emulate and understand the nervous system. The second part of the talk will consist of various ambulatory healthcare devices developed at IMEC and are now accepted by electronics industry. Such devices require extremely precise analog circuits which work with minimal power consumption and are also immune to environmental artifacts.  The final part will describe the advances in neural recording circuits developed by our group in the recent past.  These systems have already proven to be instrumental in advancing the technological limitations of neurophysiology and should also close the ‘knowledge gap’ between electronics engineers and neuroscientists.

Biography: Vitalij Novickij received his MSc in Bioelectronics from University of Edinburgh in 2011. In 2012 he became a PhD student and a junior research fellow in the High Magnetic Field Institute in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania. His research topics include high pulsed magnetic and electric field generation and the application of these fields in biology and material science research. In 2014 he received a national scholarship for his academic achievements hosted by the Lithuanian Science Agency. Also in 2014, based on his academic achievements, Vitalij Novickij received the national scholarship for an internship in a foreign scientific institution.

We look forward to seeing you there - best wishes

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