IMNS Seminar Series - Ilka Schmueser & Ewen Blair


Classroom 4, Hudson Beare Building


Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00


Talk 1:   ILKA SCHMUESER - Microfabricated nanoelectrode arrays for electrochemical sensors

Nanoelectrodes have superior characteristics in electrochemical sensing applications that include a higher SNR, lower LOD and lower susceptibility to convection compared to commonly used macro and microelectrodes. Typically, they are also fragile, difficult to fabricate in a reliable and well-characterised way and produce very small signals, often in the pA range. The nanoelectrode designs investigated in this work are arrays fabricated using simple and established microfabrication technology with control over all dimensional parameters. They combine the benefits of nanoelectrodes with robust and low cost microtechnology at easily measurable current levels. This talk describes the fabrication design and compares simulation and experimental data of micro and nanoarrays.

Talk 2:   EWEN BLAIR - The development of durable microelectrode sensors for high temperature molten salt

Nuclear waste is one of the major detriments to the wide scale uptake of nuclear power as well as a serious environmental concern. Reprocessing nuclear waste using a molten salt medium is a promising route to a sustainable nuclear fuel cycle.  The most commonly used salt in this process is lithium-chloride potassium-chloride eutectic (LKE). LKE is a harsh environment where processes are usually operated at 450°C-500°C. The salt also contains reactive elements and chemical species within the salt create a corrosive environment.  In order to provide online analysis of the reprocessing, the University of Edinburgh led REFINE consortium have been developing microelectrodes in order to monitor concentrations of elements in the salt. This talk will outline the standard microfabrication techniques and systematic optimisation that has resulted in devices durable enough to function in the harsh, high temperature environment of LKE.

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