IES Seminar Series - Cameron McNatt & Tales from Abroad


Classroom 4, Hudson Beare


Friday, March 13, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00

1st Speaker: Cameron McNatt

Title: Water waves be curved (and other tales of the sea)


The model of a water wave as a long-crested plane wave is ubiquitous in ocean sciences and engineering. And there is good reason: a plane wave is a straightforward and intuitive concept and it can be used as fundamental component in representing realistic wave fields. However, in reality it is a two dimensional solution, and in three-dimensions water waves are curved beasts. The radiated and scattered waves of a floating body are generally circular waves that propagate outwardly. Short-crested spectral waves can also thought of as locally curved waves.  In cylindrical coordinates, the solutions to the linear wave boundary-value problem, are circular cylindrical waves of various orders. These representations are very good at describing the wave field of a floating body, and can be employed to efficiently compute the wave interactions of multiple floating bodies. Furthermore, they can be used to directly model short-crested seas, and are useful in understanding wave energy absorption.


Cameron McNatt is a 3rd year PhD student in IES. He received his Masters in Ocean Engineering from Oregon State University and prior to that he worked as a Naval Architect/Software Developer. He’s spent a good deal of his life thinking about water waves and wave energy absorption. But he also has a life outside of University – he is married to a wonderful woman, Tess, and has two crazy little boys, Stuart and Eshlyn.

2nd Speaker: Manolis Falgarakis

Title: Tales from Abroad


IES 1st year Phd student Manolis Falgarakis giving an informative presentation on the past, present and future of his home land of Greece and his home town, Athens.

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Water waves be curved
Water waves be curved
IES Seminar Series - Supported by EngGradSoc
IES Seminar Series - Supported by EngGradSoc

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