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Classroom 10, Alrick Building, King's Buildings


Friday, October 28, 2016 - 12:45 to 14:00

Speaker: Encarni Medina-Lopez

Affiliation: IES, University of Edinburgh &amp University of Granada

Title: Thermodynamics Processes involved in Wave Energy Extraction


Wave energy extraction has arisen in the last decades as one of the most promising energy sources for the future. The application of results presented in this talk are mainly focused on Oscillating Water Column (OWC), equipped with Wells turbines. The operation of the OWC model has been developed by various authors that reported the formulation of the oscillation at the water surface in the chamber of an OWC using linear wave theory as well as the air expansion/compression problem inside the chamber. The influence of atmospheric conditions such as temperature and moisture on the performance of the turbines have been widely considered in the different fields from ocean energy, especially in the problems related with gas turbines in power plants. However, this analysis can be widened to wave energy devices. Some OWC plants that are currently underway (e.g. Mutriku OWV in Spain, or Pico OWC in Portugal) have reported the differences between expected and measured power output, and performance rates. The effect of moisture in the air chamber of the OWC entails variations on the conditions near the Wells turbine, modifying its performance and efficiency.

Initial work includes the influence of humid air in the performance of the turbine. The application of a real gas model and the consequent experimental study confirmed the deviations of the turbine performance from the expected values depend on flow rate, moisture and temperature, showing a difference between the available power to the turbine considering humid air. A theoretical model for a real gas applied to wave energy extraction is developed, as well as a series of numerical tests to validate it.


Encarni is in her second year of a joint PhD (Dynamics and Biogeochemical Flows & Energy Systems) awarded by the Universities of Granada (Spain) and Edinburgh. Encarni is supervised by Prof Alistair Borthwick (University of Edinburgh) and Prof Antonio Monino (University of Granada).

Encarni was awarded Civil & Environmental Engineer by the University of Granada in 2013. She received a joint MSc in Environmental Hydraulics in 2014 by the Universities of Malaga (Spain) and Granada. Following this, she worked at HR Wallingford, before starting her PhD. Her research interests are ocean energy, Thermodynamics and numerical modelling.

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There will be a host of hot beverages and nibbles from 12:45pm. We look forward to welcoming you at the Seminar.

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Encarni Medina-Lopez
Encarni Medina-Lopez
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