Dr Panagiotis Karagiannidis Keynote


James Clerk Maxwell Building, Lecture Theatre C


Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00

Production of graphene by solution processing and development of graphene-based materials


Graphene produced by solution processing has attracted significant scientific and technological interest due to its applicability in a wide range of commercial applications from printing inks and coatings to structural composites.

The requirements for these applications (high loading of conductive additive and tunable viscosity) have been a significant challenge in the graphene field.

I will present the current graphene production methodologies and introduce an industrially scalable production route, namely microfluidization that can produce high quality defect-free graphene from graphite in large volumes in one step.

I will then focus on different applications starting from graphene dispersions; the fabrication of conductive fibres using wet spinning, coatings using flexo/screen printing, and aerogels using freeze drying.

I will finish my talk with my future plans at the University of Sunderland, on the development of new graphene-based materials (printing/stretchable inks, conductive adhesives and automotive composites).


Dr Panagiotis Karagiannidis is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing of the University of Sunderland. He studied Physics (B.Sc.) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Then he received a MSc degree in Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies and a PhD in Physics on the growth and study of thin films and the fabrication of organic photovoltaic devices.

He then gained 3 years of postdoctoral experience at the Cambridge Graphene Centre at the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge.

His main research interests are the production of 2d-materials, the formulation of printing inks and the development of polymer composites.

He has >10 years of experience in working and managing European research projects. He has >20 peer-reviewed research papers and >50 conference participations including oral presentations and invited talks.

He has an extensive track record of collaborations with the industry and world-class academic institutions.

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Dr Panagiotis Karagiannidis
Dr Panagiotis Karagiannidis

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