Engineering 150 Public Lecture: Prof Rama Govindarajan


Hudson Beare Lecture Theatre, King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh


Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 16:00 to 17:30

As we celebrate our 150th year, we have an eminent engineer in our midst - who has made and continues to make significant contributions to our understanding of flow instabilities in both nature and in the artificial world. Prof Rama Govindarajan from ICTS-TIFR Bengaluru is India's first female engineer to be awarded India's highest civilian science award, the Bhatnagar Prize.

In addition to her technical excellence, she is a relentless campaigner to bring science to the masses and in particular towards encouraging women to take up science and engineering. She has written, debated and fought against the so-called societal norms.

Rama will be giving the Engineering 150 Public Lecture on Thursday 28 June from 4pm at Hudson Beare LT2 followed by drinks reception at 4:45pm.

Professor Rama Govindarajan Lecture

Prof Rama Govindarajan has made important contributions to our current understanding of flows ubiquitous in nature and industry, by means of innovative mathematical tools.

Rama is India's first woman engineer to have been awarded India's highest Science and Engineering Award - an impressive achievement that resonates with the School of Engineering's activity in seeking gender equality and diversity within the field.

Please join us on Thursday 28th June at 4pm in Lecture Theatre 2, Hudson Beare Building for Rama's lecture.

Fluid Dynamics in a Cloud

Clouds are among the most important and least well-understood features of the Earth's atmosphere. After an introduction of the dynamics within a cloud I will discuss how rain drops grow far more rapidly than would be expected naively, and how turbulence may help this process. I will then describe how droplet growth in turn can affect turbulence.

The last part of the talk will be about the Indian monsoon, on which the food security of over a billion people depends. Efforts to extract dominant rainfall patterns will be discussed.

The lecture will be followed by drinks in the Eng Inn from 4.45pm.

Leading the way in innovation and creativity

2018 marks 150 years since Queen Victoria bestowed the first Regius Chair of Engineering in the UK to the University of Edinburgh. This year we are celebrating the achievements, innovations, and alumni we are most proud of, as well as looking to the future to the exciting developments taking place in the School of Engineering. Read more in our Engineering150 website.

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