Engineering an indoor maelstrom: The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility


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Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - 19:00 to 21:00

Professor David Ingram, Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMecHE), Evening Lecture, Edinburgh and South East Scotland Panel

Professor Ingram’s presentation will give an overview of the design and applications of Edinburgh’s unique Flowave facility. Established in 2013 the FloWave TT ocean energy research facility is designed to test physical scale models of marine renewable energy devices, in a combined wave and current environment. Unlike the traditional rectangular wave tanks the Flowave is a 25-metre diameter circular tank, with 168 active-absorbing wave makers around the circumference, and 28 pumps arranged beneath the raisable floor. These allow the creation of multi-directional random waves with current in any direction across the diameter.

This event will be delivered virtually on the Zoom platform.

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A spiked conical wave in the Flowave Ocean Research Facility
A spiked conical wave in the Flowave Ocean Research Facility

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