Dr. Saurav Goel Webinar: Recent advances in simulation driven nanoscale manufacturing research



Thursday, November 11, 2021 - 12:00 to 13:00


At the epicenter of miniaturization, lies the role of manufacturing and materials which hinders further developments primarily because of limited understanding on how material behaves at sub-micron scale. With the descend of scale, surface properties start to be dominating compared to the bulk properties of materials and complex interplay of these together contributes to significant manufacturing challenges at the nanoscale. However significant challenges exist with the inception of newer and smart materials in healthcare, aerospace, energy and electronics e.g. carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), carbon based 2D materials, titanium alloys, nanopolymer composite coatings and polymeric materials, and semiconductor materials like silicon and its derivative. One formidable challenge with processing of these smart and novel materials is that the mode of material removal at fine precision level changes from continuous to discrete. An accurate understanding of this phenomenon requires an insight into the energetic, structural, dynamic and rheological aspects of the system. Hence understanding the relevant atomic level phenomena is the key to obtain full knowledge of the atomistic mechanism of ultra-precision machining and this can be accomplished efficiently through using atomic simulations which will be the theme of the discussions/talk.


Saurav Goel is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering Division of London South Bank University. He is an EPSRC ECF Forum member in Manufacturing and an Associate Director of the EPSRC NetworkPlus in manufacturing. He holds a visiting Professorship status at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and is currently serving as an Associate Editor for four International Journalsm namely, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing SystemsJournal of Manufacturing ProcessesBioMaterials and Polymers Horizons and Nanofabrication published by different publishers.

Saurav is currently a Co-I on 5 EPSRC grants and has secured Newton Fellow award from Royal Society and Transforming the partnership awards with South African and Indian partners from the Royal Academy of Engineering. He has published 80+ journal papers with cumulative citations of close to 2500.

Currently Saurav maintain a research group > 10 people with 4 PDRA’s and 6 PhD students and he is looking for further collaborations with colleagues at Edinburgh University to develop long term research plans.

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