IBioE Seminar - Development of Tools for Improved Host-Aware Cell Engineering, 23rd May


Monday, May 23, 2022 - 12:00

Please join us for the next IBioE Seminar being held on

Monday 23rd May at 12pm-1pm:

Dr Francesca Ceroni

Centre for Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London will present

Development of Tools for Improved Host-Aware Cell Engineering


Host-construct interactions are a source of unpredictability in synthetic biology.  In the past, our group and others have developed tools to better measure, characterise and mitigate resource competition and burden in bacteria.  Less has been done to understand and characterise this in mammalian cells.  In this talk I will present one of the projects currently active in my group focusing on characterisation and measurement of resource competition in mammalian systems.

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IBioE Seminar Series
IBioE Seminar Series

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