pureVLC Ltd has Reached a Significant Milestone

The company has shipped its first product - Li-1st.

Li-1st is a complete system that connects to arbitrary off-the-shelf light fixtures. Moreover, it consist of a desktop unit to connect to computers and laptops. The system enables bi-directional communication which, for example, is required for browsing the Internet.

At the same time, a Li-1st technology demonstration project was launched at the Bexley Business Academy in London on 11 October. The Bexley Business Academy was equipped with energy efficient LED lighting bypureVLC's partner 8point3. LED lighting at Bexley Academy will also enable the delivery of teaching content in a way that is not possible with Wi-Fi by harnessing the capability of Li-Fi to deliver different content at different locations in a room. This could enable new ways of teaching taking in to account the different abilities of pupils in a classroom.

The Li-1st launch was accompanied by an article in the Financial Times. In addition, Li-1st was shipped to a number of key customers while the next product generation - Li-Flame is currently being developed.

Further information can be found by following the links below:

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