Prize for Technical Apprentice

Jamie Graham, our electrical/electronics apprentice has been awarded the prize for Top Performing Apprentice in Practical Skills for his year by Edinburgh College. He was competing with apprentices from a wide range of industries and was recommended by the workshop instructor who says he was impressed by Jamie’s confident and consistent approach to problem solving and practical tasks. Jamie was also commended for the consistently high standard of his supporting written log books which were always submitted on time – without prompting. Jamie’s final practical assessment was examined by the Curriculum Manager who commented that he found Jamie’s assessment to be far superior to the rest of the groups. This highlights Jamie’s hard work and commitment to his apprenticeship and is testimony to the high standard of training he is receiving here in the School of Engineering.

This is excellent for the School of Engineering, it puts us on the map as being a suitable environment for technical apprenticeships. Apart from the commitment from the Apprentices themselves, a successful apprenticeship can only happen when you have highly skilled staff who are engaged in passing on their knowledge and skills with interest, patience and enthusiasm.

Well done Jamie and praise to the staff who are contributing to the training of all our apprentices.

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