Sofia Korniliou Awarded Paper Prize at International Heat Transfer Symposium

Sofia Korniliou, PhD Student in the Institute for Materials & Processes supervised by Khellil Sefiane and Anthony Walton was awarded third prize in the student contribution category at the International Heat Transfer Symposium and Heat Powered Cycles Conference held in Nottingham, 26-29 June 2016.  The award was given for the paper 'Dual inner wall temperature mapping and flow visualization during flow boiling in a PDMS microchannel' presented by Sofia at the IHTS to 300+ international researchers.  The paper was co-authored by C. Mackenzie-Dover, S. Harmand, G. Duursma, J.R.E. Christy, J.G. Terry, A.J. Walton, and K. Sefiane and documents research done in collaboration of The University of Edinburgh, the Scottish Microelectronics Centre and the University of Valenciennes, France.