Dr. Maria-Chiara Ferrari elected to the Council of the European Membrane Society

Dr. Maria-Chiara Ferrari has been elected as member of the European Membrane Society Council.

The Council is formed by 9 members that are elected for four years.

The European Membrane Society (EMS) was founded in 1982 and is an international scientific association whose aim is to promote co-operation between European Scientists and Engineers involved in research and development in the field of synthetic and artificial membranes and membrane processes.

The Society pursues its objective taking initiatives to sustain and promote membrane expertise in Europe; organising periodic meetings, workshops and study groups; publishing and circulating books, papers and newsletters containing information of interest to workers in the membrane field; stimulating exchange visits between membrane scientists and engineers of different countries.

The EMS is the main sponsor of the very successful "Euromembrane" series of conferences and its council organizes the call for applications, reviews the proposals and makes decisions on by whom these conferences are organized. The EMS is active in maintaining links of collaboration and friendship with the other membrane societies worldwide.

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