Reception for the Kenneth Denbigh Scholars 2017

Lev Sarkisov awards Bingsong Wang a Kenneth Denbigh Scholarship
Professor Lev Sarkisov awards Bingsong Wang his Kenneth Denbigh Scholarship

An award ceremony for the 2017 Kenneth Denbigh Scholars took place on the 5th of October, with both Chemical Engineering Staff and students attending.

The Kenneth Denbigh Scholarship has been established in 2015 and is awarded to the students applying for the Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc programme. It is given to the top five applicants to the programme based on the academic merit.

This year the recipients of the scholarship are Burcu Akkoyunlu, Bingsong Wang, Jonny Cranston, Mikel Arrese-Igor Royuela. Let’s congratulate them again!

The ACE MSc programme has started its successful second year, with 12 students representing five countries enrolled in the programme. Twelve companies will be co-advising individual MSc projects, with topics ranging from “Understanding mass transfer in commercial beads used in oxygen pressure swing adsorption processes” (Air Liquide) to "Smart biological engineering to produce anticancer drugs using automated platforms" (Synthace).

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