Edinburgh engineers expect to earn 44% more than average UK graduate

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has released a new report comparing the difference in earnings of by subject and university choice for UK graduates. The report includes a tool which allows you to find out how much a graduate could expect to earn above or below the average salary of all courses.

The data was gathered from English students 5 years post-graduation and was calibrated to take into background (income, qualifications, schooling, ethnicity and so on).

The IFS report shows that Edinburgh engineering graduates would expect to earn 44% more than the average UK graduate. This is the equivalent to £12,000 extra each year, and places Edinburgh in 5th place for engineering graduate earnings in the UK.

Nationally, male engineers are earning around 16% more than the average graduate and female engineers 26% more, placing engineering towards the top of the earnings range after medicine, economics, business and computing.

This dataset highlights the increased earning potential that a degree in Engineering offers and, within this, that the University of Edinburgh's engineering graduates are among the highest earners.

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