School projects win Student Experience Grant funding

Student Experience Grants
Student Experience Grants support student-led initiatives across a wide range of academic and extracurricular areas

Several innovative student projects within the School have been awarded Student Experience Grants in the latest round of funding announcements, which will accelerate exciting initiatives across soft robotics, transport apps, self-driving cars and public outreach over the coming year.

Student Experience Grants are one-off alumni contributions of up to £5,000 which support innovative projects and initiatives that will enhance students’ development in the broadest sense – whether socially, academically, intellectually or other activity. 

Our grant winners

The following projects within the School received grant funding.

‘Soft robotics research platform for undergraduates’ receives £2,550 to develop a pneumatics-based soft robotics research platform for undergraduate students. The platform will be accessible, safe and easy to use, enabling anyone to experiment with this exciting new area of research.

‘Improving transport for Edinburgh students’, run by the student team Vennle, receives £1,389 to develop a 'Mobility as a Service' (MaaS) platform for students at the University. This data-driven software will allow travellers to plan, book and pay for their journeys through one app.

Formula Student was awarded £570 to design, build and implement a battery energy storage system for a self-driving electric Formula Student race car. The student society comes together each year to construct a F1-style race car before testing it in prestigious international competitions against other university teams from around the world.

HYPED receives £680 for an outreach project to educate the wider public about the future of transport. The interdisciplinary group, which aims to realise Elon Musk’s Hyperloop vision of very high-speed intercity transport, will use the funding to conduct outreach activities to enthuse the public about engineering while also giving its members the opportunity to gain transferable skills.

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