Winter Graduation Stories 2019: Ana Tarifa Cabrera (MSc Sustainable Energy Systems)

Name: Ana Tarifa Cabrera

Programme: MSc Sustainable Energy Systems 

Hometown: Adra (Almería, Spain)

Why did you choose to study your MSc programme at the University of Edinburgh?

Ever since I visited Edinburgh as a little girl, I always thought that it’s such a nice city to live in. 

I wanted to experience studying my Masters abroad and I thought Edinburgh could be the perfect place for that.

How would you explain your MSc topic - sustainable energy systems - to a non-expert?

The Sustainable Energy Systems programme is a Masters that focuses both on the technical part of renewable energy as well as the economic and social aspects of sustainable energies, which is exactly why I chose to study it. 

I consider the topics discussed in the programme of vital relevance in our current society given our climatic situation. I really appreciate the wide perspective that this programme gave us about the main challenges that renewable energy faces nowadays, as well as tools and skills to participate in overcoming them.

What aspects of the Programme have you enjoyed most?

What I’ve enjoyed most is the fact that there are so many people from all around the world. Through all the group work we had to accomplish I got to step out of my comfort zone and meet and work with people who were really different from me, both culturally and in terms of educational background.

Outside of your studies, what were your highlights of being a student at Edinburgh? 

Edinburgh is a magnificent city for being a student. There are so many people coming to the University every year and from so many different nationalities that the city always seems to have a festive atmosphere.

You can always find fun activities if you want to take a break from work!

Is there anything that the School has done to help you to make the most of your time here at Edinburgh?

The University organized so many events, seminars and lectures about interesting academic topics. 

Beyond the academic side of things, they also provided plenty of work spaces and other services including gym facilities and support for student societies. These elements really allow students to expand our experience in Edinburgh beyond our programme.

What do you plan to do next? Has your time at Edinburgh helped to shape your career goals?

I am currently working as a trainee in the research and development department of a renewable energy company in Spain, and I intend to continue my career in that direction.

My time in Edinburgh gave me a broader view of the world in general and of sustainable energy in particular, and it helped me discover what my own personal and career objectives are in the long-term.

Is there any advice you would give to prospective students thinking about studying your Programme at Edinburgh?

I would highly recommend studying this programme in Edinburgh. For me, it has probably been the most enriching experience of my life. 

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and it has so many different options for everyone, so I would just say: bring all your excitement with you, and be ready to learn some really interesting things and meet amazing people from all around the world! 

It will be an experience you will never forget.

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Ana Tarifa Cabrera (MSc Sustainable Energy Systems 2019)
Ana Tarifa Cabrera (MSc Sustainable Energy Systems 2019)