Cosmo Mwamwembe: My Edinburgh Top Five

Our students share their top five Edinburgh favourites, from recommendations on what to do and see in the city, to tips on best studying spots and how to make the most of your time at University.

First up is third year chemical engineering student Cosmo Mwamwembe, who shares his favourite...

Sightseeing location

The Star Flyer and Big Wheel rides in Princess Street gardens during the Christmas Festival. This gives you a 360° view of the city centre while enjoying the ride - even more spectacular at night.

Activity or experience

Street art and performances on the Royal Mile, especially during festive season. It’s the most relaxing experience and my favourite photo walk location.

A street performer on the Royal Mile - Copyright: Cosmo Mwamwembe

Place to eat

Brücks Street Kitchen on the King's Buildings (KB) campus. It’s ideal for engineering students when you have classes at KB. It’s spacious and calm, and has broad range of foods compared to other cafes at KB.

Studying spot

Main University Library: it has multiple floors and facilities to choose from. I like the fourth floor because it’s quiet. And because the Main Library is right on campus, it’s easy to meet with friends who are studying the same thing and to attend my meetings (society or group projects) right after studying.

Advice for new students

Try different things, go to different places and take advantage of different programs offered by the University. For example, I went to Glasgow with the University Boat Club as a supporter almost for free in first year. And I had never been there before.