Niall McGrath: My Edinburgh Top Five

Our students share their top five Edinburgh favourites, from recommendations on what to do and see in the city, to tips on best studying spots and how to make the most of your time at University.

In the second instalment, fifth year student Niall McGrath (MEng Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy) - who is founder of sustainability startup Robocean - shares his favourite...

Sightseeing location

My personal Edinburgh highlight is Dean Village in the West End. If you’re in a walking mood, it’s never a bad idea to head over there and follow the Water of Leith under the Dean Bridge – and if you’re really keen you can chase it to the coast!

Activity or experience

If you haven’t seen the Forth bridges in Queensferry, it’s definitely worth a day trip. What’s better yet is if you hop on one of the boat tours, you’ll get amazing views of the bridges, Inchgarvie and occasionally seals – although if you’re going in winter I would bring a blanket.

Place to eat

Edinburgh is full of amazing eats, but sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple. Salvatore’s on Roseneath Street is the quintessential Edinburgh chippy with lovely staff and a mean fish supper. 

‘Chippy sauce’ is perhaps an acquired taste, so don’t be afraid to ask for regular salt and vinegar.

Studying spot

Outside of the classic Central Library experience, 40 George Square is where you want to be. Head on up to at least the eighth floor, and grab a window desk. If you’re lucky you’ll be treated to a glowing Arthur’s Seat during golden hour.

Advice for new students

Check your emails! You’ll never know if your perfect opportunity has dropped into your inbox if you don’t check. I’ve had amazing experiences as a result of discovering competitions and events which were tucked away at the bottom of School-wide emails. It’s not all boring!