Daniel Mutia: My Edinburgh Top Five

Our students and recent graduates share their top five Edinburgh favourites, from recommendations on what to do and see in the city, to tips on best studying spots and how to make the most of your time at University.

In the final instalment, Daniel Mutia (BEng Hons Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 2021) shares his favourite...

Sightseeing location

Calton Hill. You are able to see Edinburgh in all its glory from this spot. You get to witness the intersection of the city’s architecture, the hills and the sea. The sunsets here are also the best.

Activity or experience

Definitely playing intramural football with my friends every Friday. It’s always a wonderful activity to look forward to as I cruise through the week. Honourable mentions would be playing Escape Rooms, and eating haggis.

Place to eat

I love getting a wrap from the African Nile Valley next to Appleton Tower. Such a unique taste to have a bite of.

Studying spot

While at the King's Buildings, Murchison House is a perfect place to meet and study with classmates.

Advice for new students

There is so much to see in Edinburgh. But if you don’t plan and be intentional about exploring, you might miss out. So imagine yourself a tourist once in a while and go out on an adventure.