Engineering student success in photo competition

Two engineering students were winners in this year's Edinburgh Global photography competition.

The annual competition is open to all current international students, students who have had a study away or work away experience, and online learners outside the UK.

There were eight prizes overall, across four categories: City, Campus, Community, Abroad.

Maitha Qassim – Winner of the ‘campus’ category

Maitha Qassim (first year, chemical engineering) won the 'campus' category with a reflective image of Old College.

"Sitting on different ends of the knowledge spectrum enables engineers and lawyers to develop unique perspectives regarding the world around us to make the world a better place." ~ Maitha Qassim

Maitha Qassim, first year chemical engineering student

Reacting to her win, she said, “The photo is unique through its simplicity, and I was thrilled to see it win the campus category! Our Old College campus has a very soothing atmosphere and I really wanted to showcase its beauty to me. Thank you for the opportunity!"

Rui Zhang – Second prize overall

Rui Zhang, a PhD student in the School’s Research Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems, won second prize overall for a striking shot of a pedestrian crossing a snowy street.

Rui is doing his PhD in electronics engineering, working on an imaging sensor for the detection of eye-related diseases.

"The photo was captured on a snowy day when I looked down from my balcony. A man with a striped coat was walking through and the world was covered fully in black and white at that moment, which gave me the insight to save this wonderful scene.” ~ Rui Zhang

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