Mr Samuel Derek Stevens




1.4 John Muir

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Research Institute: 

  • Infrastructure and Environment

Research Theme: 

  • Fire Safety Engineering


Sam is a PhD student at the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering studying techniques for modelling fire spread in informal urban environments, predominantly in Kenya, with a view to developing fire risk quantification methods. He also has experience using GIS techniques to produce spatial distributions of fire risk in informal settlements in Cape Town.


Journal Papers:

S. Stevens, L. Gibson, D. Rush, Conceptualising a GIS-based risk quantification framework for fire spread in informal settlements: A Cape Town case study, Int. J. Disaster Risk Reduct. 50 (2020). doi:10.1016/j.ijdrr.2020.101736.

A. Cicione, R. Walls, Z. Sander, N. Flores Quiroz, V. Narayanan, S. Stevens, D. Rush, The effect of separation distance between informal dwellings on fire spread rates based on experimental data and analytical equations, Fire Technol. (2020).



Y. Wang, M. Beshir, L. Gibson, S. Stevens, L. Bisby, D. Rush. How "Informal" is an Informal Settlement Fire? SFPE Europe. 18 (2020).


Academic Qualifications: 

MEng Structural and Fire Safety Engineering, University of Edinburgh, 2014-2019


Behaviour and Design of Structures 2

Research Interests: 

Fire modelling and fire risk quantification for informal urban environments in the developing world.