Professor Xianfeng Fan

Chair of Particulate Materials Processing and Head of Research Institute



+44(0)131 6505678


1.103 Sanderson Building

Engineering Discipline: 

  • Chemical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Materials and Processes

Research Theme: 

  • Carbon Capture and Separation Processes
  • Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
Prof Xianfeng Fan
Prof Xianfeng Fan

Academic Qualifications: 

  • MEng, MSc, PhD, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Metallurgy

Professional Qualifications and Memberships: 

  • Member, Institute of Cast Metals Engineers, UK
  • Member, The World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • Member, The World Science and Engineering Academy and Society
  • Editorial Board Member, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Scientific & Academic Publishing Co. USA (2011-2015)
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology (IJISSET)
  • Editorial Board Member, Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials


  • Separation Processes 2, CHEE08013
  • Chemical Engineering in Practice 3, CHEE09006
  • Chemical Engineering Design 4 CHEE10010
  • Chemical Engineering Study projects 4, CHEE10009
  • Chemical Engineering Research projects 4, CHEE10009
  • Chemical Engineering Industrial Projects 5, CHEE11014

Research Interests: 

Edinburgh Research Explorer


Solve processing problems

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My research group works on the following themes:

Particulate Materials Processing

Development of UV and Visible Light Active Photocatalysts

Microwave Assisted Gas Separation

Multiphase Flow in Porous Materials

  1. Measurement of pore wettability
  2. Enhanced oil/gas recovery and CO2 storage


  • Particulate materials processing
  • Multiphase flows in porous materials
  • Photocatalysts
  • Microwave assisted gas separation