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Institute for Digital Communications staff and students
Namesort descending Research Themes Telephone Email
Dr Alison O'Neil

Dr Chang Liu Signal and Image Processing, Tomography, Sensors +44(0)131 6502563

Dr David Laurenson +44(0)131 6505579

Dr Dongdong Chen Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6502257

Dr Enrique Poves

Dr Hamada Alshaer

Dr Haochuan Jiang

Dr Ioannis Fakidis Communications

Dr James R Hopgood Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505571

Dr Javier Escudero Rodriguez Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505599

Dr Jiabin Jia Tomography +44(0)131 6513568

Dr Jingjing Si

Dr Jinyi Li

Dr Julian Huillery

Dr Majid Safari +44(0)131 6513569

Dr Mehrdad Yaghoobi Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6507185

Dr Mohamed Sufyan Islim Communications

Dr Nicholas Polydorides Signal and Image Processing, Tomography +44(0)131 6502769

Dr Qi Wang

Dr Shahzad Gishkori Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6507454

Dr Sotirios Tsaftaris Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505796

Dr Spyridon Thermos

Dr Stefan Ivanov Videv +44(0)131 6505683

Dr Symon Podilchak Communications, Signal and Image Processing

Dr Van Trang Nguyen

Dr Wasiu O Popoola Communications, Optical Systems and Materials +44(0)131 6508232

Dr William H Nailon

Dr Yunjie Yang Signal and Image Processing, Tomography, Sensors

Miss Narengerile

Miss Noramon Dron


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