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Mr Haris Hussain

Mr Georgios Skarmoutsos

Mr Fraser Ewing

Mr Fergus Hall

Mr Daniel Thomas Mullen

Mr Chuantong Hao

Mr Chengyan Duan

Mr Bappa Mitra

Mr Asad Zakaria

Mr Ariff Alzakri

Mr Andriy Tkachuk Volodymyrovych

Mr Andrea Caio

Mr Anas Ibrahim M Algarei

Mr Alistair Harry Mahon

Mr Akashdeep Dey

Miss Yvonne Turid Eiking Baird Electrical Power Conversion, Power Systems

Miss Yuxin Xia

Miss Tzu-Hsun Lin

Miss Tian Tan

Miss Shuyang Zhu

Miss Nancy Ralph Energy and Climate Change

Miss Mennatallah Mohamed Awny Ali Labib

Miss Marlee Nathalie Basurto MacAvilca

Miss Maja Helena Persson Energy and Climate Change, Energy Policy, Economics and Innovation, Energy Storage and Carbon Capture

Miss Lihan Zhang

Miss Katherine Smith

Miss Jingjie Yang

Miss Jieyu Yao

Miss Hawa Sidat

Miss Hannah Rose Mitchell


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