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Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Professor Alasdair McDonald Electrical Power Conversion, Wind Energy, Offshore Renewable Energy

Ms Tianna Bloise Thomaz

Miss Ailsa Clare McMillan

Miss Maja Helena Persson Energy and Climate Change, Energy Policy, Economics and Innovation, Energy Storage and Carbon Capture

Mr Stewart Wilson

Mr Hamish Hay

Mr Mason Parker

Prof Stephen Salter


Mr Samuel James Hayward

Mr Hasan Muslemani

Mr Michal Szymanowski

Mr Peter Elrick

Mr Jawahar Samuthira Pandi

Miss Katherine Smith

Mr Sebastián Felipe Neira Castillo

Miss Hannah Rose Mitchell

Dr Ibrahim Mohammed

Miss Yuxin Xia

Mr Peizhou Xia

Mr Sohail Sarwar

Mr Lukas Benjamin Franken

Mr Ning Li

Professor Tom Bruce Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6508701

Dr John Chick +44(0)131 6505675

Miss Chiara Pischetola

Mr Zehong Liao

Mr Himayat Ullah Jan

Thomas Godfrey-Brown

Frederick Gibbs

Mr Alistair Harry Mahon


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