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Institute for Infrastructure and Environment staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Hongning Ye

Mr Fraser Anderson

Mr Callum Roberts

Mr Timothy James Aspinall Fire Safety Engineering, Materials and Structures

Ms Tooba Aslam

Mr Blair Alexander Mackie

Mr Mateusz Michal Stajuda

Miss Yasmin Anne Hitchin

Ms Anastasia Fragkou

Miss Yi Lin Lin

Mr Yankai Li

Mr Richard May

Miss Alicja Czeslawa Przystup

Miss Emma McAllister

Mr Robin Roland Arthur Delbart

Mr David Morrisset

Mr Dan Calum Anthony Gowland

Miss Vaishnavi Atul Abhyankar

Mr Jazim Sohail

Mr Samuel Stevens Fire Safety Engineering

Mr Matthew Thomas Dryden

Mr Cameron Euan MacLeod

Mr Hussein Mohammed

Ms Phoebe Alice Hudson

Mr Henry Adeniyi Ibitolu

Mr Haochen Zhang

Mr Nikolaos Ringas Structural Engineering

Mr Alexander James Robertson

Mr Konstantinos Pappas


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