PhD Student wins Innovation Cup

Atif Syed, a PhD student at Edinburgh, has won the Innovation Cup with his business idea NanJect in June 2014.

The Innovation Cup is a business pitching competition for researchers, students, and graduates of the University of Edinburgh. It’s open to research or technology based business ideas or young business ventures.

Out of the 6 finalists Atif was chosen as the winner of the cup, and received a prize of £5,000.

Atif's business idea NanJect is a novel pharmaceutical patch which uses nano-needles to deliver drugs into the bloodstream. He has synthesised the nano-needles here at the SMC. At the moment the target application for NanJect is insulin delivery for diabetic patients.

Further Information

Mr Atif Syed, PhD student of the School of Engineering, in a laboratory clean suit
Mr Atif Syed