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Institute for Materials and Processes staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Matthew Cian Sutton

Mr Arun Kumar Alapati

Miss Claire Leishman

Mr Ali Aitzaz

Mr Hasan Abdulkarim Hasan Ali Ismaeel

Mr Miguel Angel Valdivia Camacho

Miss Isabella Christina Quaranta

Ms Kseniya Papchenko

Mr Marwan Nagm Eldeen Elnour Mohammed

Mr Praveenkumar Subhash Patil

Mr Yanan Deng

Mr Anton Erik Stephane Tavitian

Miss Mahsa Hassanpour

Mr Benjamin Duheric

Mr Marek Jan Munko

Miss Nur Hanisa Hasrin +44(0)131 6999999

Miss Leqi Wang

Mr Aashish Kumar Gupta

Mr Christian Peter Wilhelm

Mr Zhenye Xu

Mr Peter Wheatley

Mr Yimin Shao

Miss Luxi Yang

Miss Siyu Chen

Mr Xiaokun Yao

Miss Jiaman Wu

Miss Shiqing Zhang

Mrs Mayra Sareth Tovar Oliva

Mr Aditya Prakash Shembekar

Mr Thomas Fabiani


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