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Institute for Infrastructure and Environment staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Prof Luke Bisby Fire Safety Engineering


Ms Laura Smith +44(0)131 6517261

Mr Andrew Muirhead Hobbs

Mr Michal Krajcovic +44(0)131 6519035

Dr Yong Wang

Dr Simon Smith +44(0)131 6507159

Dr Ting Zhou +44(0)131 6507204

Mr Nikolai Gerasimov Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6507241

Dr Hongbo Liu +44(0)131 6507204

Ms Marion Agathe Bourebrab

Mr Fahad Gulib

Mr Pierre Razurel +44(0)131 6507248

Ms Karina Cano Paoli

Dr Yuner Huang Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6505736

Dr Manoel Porfirio Cordao-Neto

Dr Ruben Van Coile

Dr Jin Sun +44(0)131 6519028

Prof Albert Simeoni

Mrs Valentina Bau

Mr Behzad Soltanbeigi Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure +44(0)131 6505790

Dr Rangarajan Radhakrishnan Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure

Dr Stephen Welch Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6505734

Dr Tim Stratford Offshore Renewable Energy, Fire Safety Engineering, Structural Engineering, Materials and Structures +44(0)131 6505722

Prof Jin Ooi Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure +44(0)131 6505725

Mr Ryan Hilditch

Prof Michael C Forde +44(0)131 6505721

Prof Dougal Drysdale +44(0)131 6505724

Mr Felix Wiesner Fire Safety Engineering, Structural Engineering

Ms Evangelia Athanasiou

Mr Jose Ramon Gonzales Figaredo



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