Dr Hyungwoong Ahn

Senior Lecturer



+44(0)131 6505891


1.139 Sanderson Building

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Engineering Discipline: 

  • Chemical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Materials and Processes

Research Theme: 

  • Carbon Capture and Separation Processes



  • Adjunct Professor in Chemical Engineering, Yonsei University, 2024 - Present
  • Discipline Exchange Programme Coordinator - Chemical Engineering

In the past,

  • KOFST Brain Pool Fellow
  • Senior Research Engineer, SK Energy R&D Center, Korea
  • KOSEF/Research Fellow, University College London

Academic Qualifications: 

Professional Qualifications and Memberships: 

Member of KIChE, AIChE and IChemE.


Currently, I am teaching

  • Advanced Chemical Engineering Design 5/MSc: course organiser 
  • Separation Processes 5/MSc: course organiser
  • Separation Processes for Carbon Capture 5/MSc: course organiser
  • MSc project/Study project 4/Research project 5/Industrial project 5: project supervisors

In the past, I had taught

  • Interdisciplinary Group Design Project (Engineering): Power Station with Carbon Capture and Storage for chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering students / course organiser and project leader
  • Chemical Engineering Design 3: chemical process design using UniSim
  • Chemical Engineering Design Project 4: organising reactor design exercise using Matlab and heat exchanger design exercise, design group supervisors / course organiser
  • Chemistry and Processes 2: supervising the student visit
  • Chemical Engineering in Practice 3
  • Thermodynamics 2 Laboratory
  • Engineering Mathematics 2B: tutor

Research Interests: 

  • Separation Processes (absorption, adsorption, circulating fluidized beds, etc.)
  • Chemical process design, configuration and optimisation by process simulation
  • Carbon capture processes (chemical and physical absorption, adsorption, Ca-looping, etc.)
  • PSA/TSA - simulation and experiment

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