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School of Engineering Staff
Staff Name Research Institute Telephone Email
Mr Matthew Jack Devall Energy Systems

Mr Arjan Dexters Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Francisco Javier Diaz Sanchez Materials and Processes

Miss Daisy Kanada Elizabeth Dickinson Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mx Jan Dillenburger-Keenan Energy Systems

Mr Andrei Dobrescu Digital Communications

Mr Henry Dodson Energy Systems

Miss Kayleigh Doherty Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Yinhuan Dong Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Noramon Dron Digital Communications

Mr Matthew Thomas Dryden Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Chengyan Duan Energy Systems

Mr Calum Dunnett Energy Systems

Miss Marina Efstratiou Multiscale Thermofluids

Mr Abdullah El-Rifai Multiscale Thermofluids

Mr Peter Elrick Energy Systems

Mr Mark Roy Evans Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Fraser Ewing Energy Systems

Mr Duo Fang Energy Systems

Mr Faraz Fazal Materials and Processes

Miss Xue Feng Bioengineering +44(0)131 6505703

Mr James Laird Bowker Ferguson Energy Systems

Mr Christophe Romain Floreani Materials and Processes +44(0)131 6508713

Mx Tegan Sathyra Foster Energy Systems

Ms Anastasia Fragkou Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Fabian Andres Fuentes Gonzalez Energy Systems

Mr Luke Alan Fulford Multiscale Thermofluids

Mr Lavrentis Dimitrios Galanopoulos Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Giuseppe Rafael Galindo Rodriguez Bioengineering +44(0)131 6517077

Miss Xinyi Gao Digital Communications


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