Edinburgh Innovations (EI)

Edinburgh Innovations (EI) is the Innovation Management Service for the University of Edinburgh. With partners, we explore opportunities, build ideas and deliver results for industry and the University of Edinburgh. We do this by promoting the research, technology and facilities at the University and using our expertise to manage and develop industry partnerships.

The University of Edinburgh is an important partner in innovation, supporting growth and competitiveness for industry around the world. At EI we are dedicated to supporting collaborations between companies and the world-leading researchers at the University to enable the constant flow of ideas and innovations.

We have dedicated teams to assist an organisation in accessing the technology, facilities and expertise available at the University. Through industry collaborations, EI and the University have helped organisations become more innovative by supporting the creation and development of new products, processes and services. Their ground-breaking technology, facilities and leading expertise is readily available through; collaborative projects tailored to business needs; consultancy services; executive education; industry secondments and licensing collaborations. World-leading academic research coupled with expertly managed business support makes the University a partner of choice in research and innovation. EI's client service ensures that rich and mutually beneficial partnerships are built for productive working relationships, allowing businesses to achieve successful commercial outcomes.

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