General Engineering

If you are unsure about which discipline you are most interested in, you can apply to this general engineering entry code: H100. This does not lead to a general engineering degree; however, it allows you to defer your choice of discipline to the start of the second semester of teaching.

Hear from teaching staff and students about studying our General Engineering (H100) undergraduate degree.

In addition to entering the School of Engineering by applying for one of our degree programmes in the traditional disciplines, students who are unsure of the discipline or degree they wish to study can apply to study with us using the UCAS code H100.

Although the programme appears as BEng General Engineering on UCAS and in the University Prospectus, it is worth noting a student cannot graduate with this degree, it is only an entry route. The student would graduate in whichever degree programme they choose at the start of Semester 2 of first year.

Engineering Disciplines at The University of Edinburgh
Engineering Disciplines at The University of Edinburgh