Carbon Capture and Separation Processes

The technologies comprising the full Carbon Capture and Storage chain have the potential to significantly reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide and help tackle climate change as Europe and the rest of the world moves towards a low-carbon future

Rising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere from pre-industrial levels of 280 ppm to a present day value of 365 ppm has led to increasing ocean acidification and may be contributing to climate change and a rising of global temperatures. CCS is essentially a three stage technology where CO2 is captured from large man-made CO2 emission sources, transported via a network of pipelines and stored in deep subsurface geological formations.

  • Optimisation of configurations at all scales and development of novel materials (MOFs, Zeolites, mesoporous materials with surface groups, polymers of intrinsic microporosity)
  • Integration of separation processes (gas-liquid, membrane, adsorption, hybrid processes)
  • Advanced process modelling for steady state and dynamic power production cycles

Further Information

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Example of CO2 capture and storage shown in illustration
Photograph of power plant with integrated carbon capture