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  • Red blood cells play a critical role in the human body, transporting oxygen to our cells. Anomalies in the way these cells flow through the body are associated with many serious diseases worldwide, and as such, are of great interest to researchers seeking to tackle some of society’s most significant healthcare challenges. Academics from the School of Engineering have co-authored a new paper in the Biophysical Journal which reports an unexpected discovery in the way these blood cells flow and arrange themselves under laboratory conditions, with important implications for future experimental research in this field. 

    Spatial arrangement of red blood cells (RBCs) in rectangular or square microchannels of different aspect ratio (AR) along the channel length (x-axis direction). Dh = hydraulic diameter of the channel. (a) shows the top and side views of the channel, while (b) shows the cross-sectional view.
  • In the next instalment of our Women in Engineering series, we spoke to Mary, Lottie, Katherine, Elena and Antigoni of Engineering for Change (E4C), a student society based in the School of Engineering which finds engineering solutions to diverse environmental and socio-economic challenges. Our interviewees were recently elected as project leaders, and provided us with insight into what their projects are currently working on and what they hope to achieve in the next year.

  • To mark this year's International Women in Engineering Day, we interviewed Ewa, Alliance, Stella, Luisa, and Linda, team members of HYPED. HYPED is a student society based in the School of Engineering which works on Hyperloop technology. Hyperloop is a proposed form of future mass transport based on a network of near-vacuum steel tubes, through which magnetically levitating pods would transport humans and cargo. Pioneers of the technology have suggested that it could shorten a journey such as Edinburgh to London to 30 minutes. 

    Ewa Radzanowska, Alliance Niyigena, Stella Antonogiannaki, Luisa Schrempf, and Linda di Felice of HYPED
  • A team of three MSc students from the School of Engineering have won £2,500 as runners up in the Climate Investment Challenge. Arief Sanjaya (MSc Electrical Power Engineering), Shelty Juliavionni and Hilman Prasetya Edi (MSc Sustainable Energy Systems), impressed the judging panel with their ‘E-Rice: Sustainable Rice Farming’ proposal to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Indonesia's rice paddy fields.

    Team E-Rice (left to right): MSc students Arief Sanjaya, Shelty Juliavionni and Hilman Prasetya Edi
  • To mark this year’s International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), we are showcasing the achievements of women across the School of Engineering. In this article, we hear from staff and students involved in the Molly Fergusson Initiative – a recently founded group to promote the visibility and community of people who identify as women in the School of Engineering.

    Top row, left to right: Dr Camilla Thomson, Mbayer Abunku, Gunel Aghabayli, Dr Anna Garcia-Teruel, Sarah Dallas. Bottom row, left to right: Anushka Kapoor, Desen Kirli, Molly 'Mary' Fergusson, Dr Francisca Martinez-Hergueta, Maty Tall.


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