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  • The School of Engineering enjoyed success in this year’s Scottish Green Energy Awards, with two category winners. The Universities of Edinburgh, Exeter, Strathclyde and the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences won the Contribution to Skills Award for the EPSRC and NERC Industrial CDT in Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE), while James Ferguson won the Young and Inspiring Award. 

  • This month, students in the School of Engineering have been given the opportunity to apply for funding of up to £2500 for their student projects through the newly launched Engineering Student Innovation Fund.

    Engineering Student, Edinburgh
  • Chemotherapy does not always treat cancer effectively and often causes major side effects, such as vomiting, pain, fatigue and hair loss. If chemotherapy agents were to be delivered directly to tumours, the side effects could be reduced and the efficacy of treatment could be enhanced.

    Mr Edward Coleridge with Dr Katherine Dunne on Graduation Day, standing outside McEwan Hall, University of Edinburgh, wearing University robes and smiling
  • As soon as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, the School of Engineering community joined forces to combat the virus and to mitigate its effects through a range of research and practical activities. Here is an overview of some of the Covid-19-related initiatives our staff, students and alumni have been involved in to date.

    The School of Engineering from the air (Copyright: Dr Simon Smith)


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