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All Academic and Support Staff working at the School of Engineering. You can filter by Engineering teaching discipline, Research Institute or Staff type, search by Staff name or take a look at our School structure to find out more about the School and the people who work here.
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School of Engineering Staff
Staff Namesort descending Research Institute Telephone Email
Mr Zezhao Wen Energy Systems

Mr Zhe Liu Digital Communications

Mr Zhihong Zeng Digital Communications

Mr Zhikai Liu Digital Communications

Mr Zhongxu Dong Digital Communications

Mr Zongyang Yue Materials and Processes

Mrs Alison Patton Multiscale Thermofluids +44(0)131 6505562

Mrs Amanda Simpson +44(0)131 6505768

Mrs Anna Domagala +44(0)131 6519033

Mrs Christina Somerville Infrastructure and Environment

Mrs Christine Sinclair +44(0)131 6507352

Mrs Deborah Stitt Infrastructure and Environment

Mrs Flora Reynolds +44(0)131 6513565

Mrs Helen Gilmour +44(0)131 6507362

Mrs Huma Iqbal Energy Systems

Mrs Jacqueline Narendran +44(0)131 6517064

Mrs Janet Forbes Digital Communications

Mrs Khaloud Moosa Mohammed Al Balushi Multiscale Thermofluids +44(0)131 6517077

Mrs Laura Koo +44(0)131 6505584

Mrs Laura Smith +44(0)131 6505690

Mrs Lyndsey Johnstone

Mrs Lynn Hughieson +44(0)131 6513564

Mrs Madeleine McBeath +44(0)131 60131 6505706

Mrs Maria Pusceddu +44(0)131 6507803

Mrs Mayra Sareth Tovar Oliva Materials and Processes

Mrs Mbayer Abunku Energy Systems

Mrs Megan Inch-Kellingray

Mrs Michelle Burgos Almada

Mrs Nicola Barber +44(0)131 6505532

Mrs Norlizan Wahid Infrastructure and Environment +44(0)131 6519035


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