Integrated Micro and Nano Systems Research Themes

All Research Themes at the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

  • The materials and structures research theme encompasses the development of novel materials and their integration with electronics to make smart sensors and systems.

    Figure 1 Graphene resonators released by XeF2 etch and integrated with contact electrodes
  • Photonic materials, displays, light sources, and other systems and devices, engineered to provide the manipulation of light from micro- and nano-structured materials.

    Liquid Crystal Laser
  • The integration of novel materials and devices with electronics to sense a range of physical properties such as heat, light, sound, radiation or chemical signatures such as pathogens or gases.  This also includes integrating sensors with CMOS to increase their functionality (More than Moore) which involves both design and technology development.

    450 micron focal plane unit fro SCUBA-2 micromachined at the SMC
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