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All Academic and Support Staff working at the School of Engineering. You can filter by Engineering teaching discipline, Research Institute or Staff type, search by Staff name or take a look at our School structure to find out more about the School and the people who work here.
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School of Engineering Staff
Staff Namesort descending Research Institute Telephone Email
Miss Veronika Kubyshkina Multiscale Thermofluids

Miss Vili Boykova Grigorova Materials and Processes +44(0)131 6517222

Miss Xiaohan Wang Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Xinyi Gao Digital Communications

Miss Xue Feng Bioengineering +44(0)131 6505703

Miss Yajun Ren Energy Systems

Miss Yalei Fu Digital Communications

Miss Yasmin Anne Hitchin Infrastructure and Environment

Miss Yi Lin Lin Infrastructure and Environment

Miss Yuhong Chen Multiscale Thermofluids

Miss Yun Jiang Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Yunxi Gao Bioengineering +44(0)131 6517077

Miss Yvonne Turid Eiking Baird Energy Systems

Miss Zhixi Zhang Digital Communications

Miss Zhou Chen Digital Communications

Miss Zhuoyue Wang Bioengineering

Miss Zixin Lei Digital Communications

Mr Abdul Hafeez Abdul Bari Digital Communications

Mr Abdullah Bawazir Energy Systems

Mr Abdullah El-Rifai Multiscale Thermofluids

Mr Abdulmalik Aldharrab Digital Communications +44(0)131 6507454

Mr Adam Harris Energy Systems

Mr Adeel Saleem Shafi Materials and Processes +44(0)131 6505685

Mr Adrian Jonas Multiscale Thermofluids

Mr Agisilaos Chartsias Digital Communications

Mr Ahmet Burak Ozyurt Digital Communications

Mr Ahmet Ucar Bioengineering

Mr Alasdair Jack Speakman Materials and Processes

Mr Alberto Alejo Moreno Guerrero Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Alex Jon Jenkins Multiscale Thermofluids


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